Freight forwarding

Quality control of cargo movement and step–by-step tracking of the condition of the entrusted goods (coal, grain, ore, logging, various types of raw materials, equipment) is the main purpose of forwarding. In order to avoid conflicts between the carrier company and the client, the presence of a freight forwarder is necessary at all stages of cargo transportation. A modern freight forwarding service is a set of services that includes the actual maintenance of the goods and documentation of any manipulations carried out with it.

The benefits of freight forwarding

High-quality railway forwarding guarantees a reduction in transportation costs and a reduction in the delivery time of goods. If you choose the services of a professional freight forwarder, then the carrier company will be forced to conscientiously and fully resolve issues arising in the process of moving: interaction with the tax committee, payment of state duties, declaration of goods, organization of the entire delivery process.


Forwarding of export-import and transit cargo


Dispatching management of the attracted fleet


Ensuring timely delivery of rolling stock to the shippers' access roads


Forwarding stages

  • Search for specialized equipment corresponding to the type of cargo. For example, if you order the transportation of liquids, then tanks in the form of tanks will be an ideal option for transporting goods, and bulk substances resistant to snow and rain will be delivered using gondola cars. Compliance of fitting platforms and containers with the tonnage of the declared cargo is an important aspect for the successful completion of the following stages;

  • Route development. In the case of railway logistics, the delivery of goods from one point to another implies a small number of route options. However, this item must be agreed with the customer;

  • Execution of a package of documents;

  • Control of dispatch, delivery and intermediate stages of cargo handling. The task of the forwarder is to track the condition of the goods up to the time of delivery to the destination and receipt by the customer of the completed order.

Tasks solved by the forwarder:

  • Preparation of a package of documentation for the cargo;

  • Creation of an optimal storage regime for goods, responsibility for the proper performance of warehouse services;

  • Monitoring the process of loading, transportation and unloading of goods;

  • Tracking of packaging and labeling intermediate operations;

  • Assistance to the shipping company during customs clearance;

  • Informing the customer about the location of the cargo;

  • Solution of all issues and conflict situations arising about the delivery time;

  • Ensuring the safety of cargo at all stages of transportation.

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